Site restructuring – Happy New Year 2012!

For any of you returning visitors, you've probably noticed some major changes taking place on Our aim is to make this site easy to navigate through, so you can find what you're looking for. Please be patient with us as we continue developing the sites content and navigation and as always, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or send an email to If you're ¬†interested in free or discounted music lessons in Montreal feel … [Read more...]

Table of Notes Contained in Triads

  Major Chords Chord Root 3rd 5th C C E G C# C# E#(F) G# Db Db F Ab D D F# A Eb Eb G Bb E E G# B F F A C F# F# A# C# Gb Gb Bb Db G G B D Ab Ab C Eb A A C# E Bb Bb D F B B D# F# Minor … [Read more...]

How To Read a Guitar Chord Diagram

Basic C Chord Diagram for Guitar

This image is a typical chord diagram for the guitar. You will see some slight variations on it, but once you understand this, the variations become very intuitive. You can think of this as a picture of your guitar when it is standing up (headstock pointed up to the ceiling-as it is when in the stand). 1. Thick line at top=the nut (small white strip of plastic that the strings lay across) 2.Each horizontal line below the nut, is a fret 3.The vertical lines are the strings … [Read more...]

Guitar Duet

Sheet Music

This duet uses 1st and 2nd string for guitar one and 1-3 for guitar two. Easy Guitar Duet … [Read more...]

Download Guitar Resources

Easy Guitar Tunes on the First and Second Strings

To Print: Click. On the next page, right click and save image. Then print it from your computer. … [Read more...]

More Ways to Motivate Your Kids To Practice


As a follow-up to my recent article, How to Motivate Your Kids to Practice Their Instrument, I thought it would be helpful to post some additional readings on the subject by other teachers.¬† After all, and unfortunately, this seems to be one of the hottest topics with most music teachers! … [Read more...]

How to Motivate Your Kids to Practice Their Instrument

Motivate your son to practice piano

Fact is, I don't know any one way to motivate kids to practice, which will work on any kid. Furthermore, every other music teacher I meet is facing the same problem of motivating their kids to practice their instruments during the week. I do however, have some ideas and some insights into how different strategies have played out over time with different students and families. Solutions that have been tested by parents and teachers include offering incentives,¬† or telling them that if they … [Read more...]

Slow Down!!!


Step 1: When you're working on something challenging, set your metronome to the speed you think is the slowest you can possibly play at. Step 2: Try practicing at half that speed!!! Seriously, try it! … [Read more...]

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