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Help your daughter succeed at the piano Practice Tips For Parents Out of all the variables in a child’s life, commitment of the parents makes the biggest impact on their child’s success. This may seem obvious, but what I mean is that the support they offer and their commitment is more impactful on the student’s successes than talent, interest, and even the work ethic of the child. Though children can have very strong and seemingly formed personalities, we need to remember that they are sponges and they soak-up everything around them.
Be encouraging and patient as you help them follow the music. Practice Tips For Parents Part-2 From the very beginning, until into the teens (and beyond them in a reduced quantity), you should be there to help your child practice. Focusing on students aged 4-10 there are many ways to help including: helping them follow the music, stay on beat, observe articulations and dynamics, workout difficult passages, analyze, stay focused, make sure no materials are left behind and more.
Glossary Of Musical Terms and Symbols Glossary for Parents‘ I truly believe in the importance of the parents  to the succes of the young student.  Part of the process, is to make sure that the parents are educated enough to be of help and offer feedback
Motivate your son to practice piano How to Motivate Your Kids To Practice To Practice Their Instrument Fact is, I don’t know any one way to motivate kids to practice, which will work on any kid. Furthermore, every other music teacher I meet is facing the same problem of motivating their kids to practice their instruments during the week. I do however, have some ideas and some insights into how different strategies have played out over time with different students and families.
More Ways To Motivate Your Kids In her article, Motivate your child to practice, Becky Wilsford describes the Suzuki philosophy of motivation as well as presenting some really clever tricks and games. One of my personal favorites is…

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