Easy Guitar Chords

There’s a small paradox in the world of guitar teaching in that students often want to jump right to guitar chords. If you don’t teach guitar chords they will often loose interest. The problem is that chording is actually a bit of an advance technique for beginner guitarists who haven’t yet developed the strength and the dexterity on the instrument. I’ve found that by using these types of chords and exercises, students can start playing chords right from the beginning which helps keep their interest as they become better suited to full chords.

Another interesting aspect of all this is that we often forget that a guitar is capable of playing less notes and still sounding good (pianists have the same problem). Remember that most instruments can only play one note at a time so even playing three or four puts you ahead – if it were a competition – which, last time I checked, it wasn’t!

Enjoy the worksheet and please leave comments below!
Easy guitar chords for beginners. free worksheet for guitar teachers

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