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Buying a Beginner Guitar For Adults A lot of people find this problem very overwhelming. There are so many brands available, so many qualities and price points, as well as different styles of guitar. To top it all off I have had many students that were stuck with junk equipment due to the bad advice of one of the music stores in our neighborhood, preying on the ignorance of beginners to make a sale. (Won’t tell you which store, but I wish I could!)

What would you say if you had to say something about the guitar? I would say that we’ve shared more good times than I can count. I would say that I’ve had many a late night looking out for each other. Changing her strings, polishing her up, and upgrading the hardware. I would also say that it took years before we really understood each other. I hope this section helps you understand more about the guitar so you two can enjoy the rest of your lives together.

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