How To Read a Guitar Chord Diagram

Basic C Chord Diagram for Guitar

This image is a typical chord diagram for the guitar. You will see some slight variations on it, but once you understand this, the variations become very intuitive. You can think of this as a picture of your guitar when it is standing up (headstock pointed up to the ceiling-as it is when in the stand).

1. Thick line at top=the nut (small white strip of plastic that the strings lay across)

2.Each horizontal line below the nut, is a fret

3.The vertical lines are the strings (notice there are six of them)

4. the first string (thinnest, and highest pitch) is to the far right.

5. The black dots show where to put your fingers and the numbers below show which fingers to use.

6. 0 means it’s an open string and X means that you shouldn’t play the string at all.

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Easy Guitar Tunes on the First and Second Strings

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Easy Guitar Tunes on the First and Second Strings

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