The QMEA Music Festival = A great opportunity for everyone!

QMEA Montreal Music Festival

Looking for an opportunity to take music out of the classroom? The QMEA Music Festival is the answer!

Performing for an audience and with your peers is a great way to pump up your motivation or that of your kids. You don’t need to be a professional or have professional aspirations to take part in performance opportunities. On the contrary, this might be just what you need to get you fired up for another season of self-improvement and sharing your love of music with others.

Welcoming every year nearly 200 participants from Montreal and its surrounding areas, the Quebec Music Educators’ Association Music Festival is an opportunity for students of (almost) any instruments to perform, get some constructive feedback, and compete for medals, gifts, bursaries and certificates! Although the festival is mostly aimed at students between the ages of 3 and 28, our newly created open classes will allow the adult student to participate as well.

Here’s why you should participate:

  • Motivation to improve your playing
  • See/hear what others are doing
  • Give yourself a push
  • Participation is not expensive ($25-$45)
  • Create lasting memories
  • Achieve a new personal best
  • Set clear personal goals

What: Quebec Music Educators’ Association Music Festival
Who: Everyone is welcome to participate!
Where: Downtown Montreal in the McGill University Music Building
When: Application deadline: April 1st, 2013 / Festival: May 17-18, 2013
Why: See above list
How: Applications forms available here:


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