Music Educators Associations

If you are running a private music teaching practice, it’s important for you to stay connected to your peers, stay up to date on events that might help your students and take advantage of professional development opportunities. Additionally, parents and other clients with discerning tastes will generally take this sort of membership as a sign that you take your profession seriously. Most regions have music educators associations or something similar, that do just that!



Aims of QMEA

  • To promote and advance music education in Quebec.
  • To hold conferences, meetings, and exhibitions for the discussion of issues, development of skills and strategies, and exchange of views in matters relating to music education.
  • To encourage all teachers of music to become active members of the Association.
  • To facilitate an exchange of information within the Association, and between the membership and other music/arts organizations, relevant professional organizations and government agencies.



Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association


The Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association (ORMTA) is a not-for-profit provincial organization managed by a volunteer council and comprised of more than 1300 Registered Music Teachers and related members across Ontario.

The aim of the ORMTA is to encourage and provide the highest calibre of music education possible and to promote exceptional standards of music in each community.

To become a Registered Music Teacher (R.M.T.), one must hold a degree or diploma from a recognized university or conservatory, along with established credentials in teaching music, thus ensuring an exemplary level of commitment to professionalism.

Outside of Quebec and Ontario:

Music teachers outside of Quebec and Ontarion might want to find a local association through the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers’ Associations.

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