Scientists Discover Why We Like Adele

Don’t you love when science proves something that we already know. Well it doesn’t always win over the cynics but at least WE know we’re not crazy.

Robert Zatorre and his team of neuroscientists at McGill University found that music which brings out intense emotions also causes dopamine release in the brain.

You know that feeling that we get when we listen to certain songs? Well apparently the number of goose bumps you get is directly related to the amount of dopamine released.  Not only that, but almost all songs that  British psychologist John Slobod found to create physical effects on listeners, be it tears or goosebumps shared musical devices in common; a formula for a tear jerker!

I’d like to know how many other songs also contain the magical devices before ruling that a few appoggiaturas can turn on the faucets, but an interesting read nonetheless.

Read the full article in the Wall Street Journal here.

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