More Ways to Motivate Your Kids To Practice

Image of a little girl playing piano

Motivate her to practice!

As a follow-up to my recent article, How to Motivate Your Kids to Practice Their Instrument, I thought it would be helpful to post some additional readings on the subject by other teachers.  After all, and unfortunately, this seems to be one of the hottest topics with most music teachers!

In her article, Motivate your child to practice, Becky Wilsford describes the Suzuki philosophy of motivation as well as presenting some really clever tricks and games. One of my personal favorites is to give 25c each day that the student practices 25 minutes. At the end of the week your son/daughter could either get a treat of his/her choice or maybe even discover the joy of charitable giving.

The Music Star Studios Blog published an article called 3 Ways to Get your Child to Practice. It has great ideas like a using a motivational chart and taking your kids to see live music.

This article from The Piano Discoveries Blog is absolutely full of great ideas! Topics covered include: setting goals, breaking up practice time, practice games, parent involvement, rewards. I especially like the idea of giving musical rewards for practicing. New books, music themed stationary, stickers, games, cds, are all great ideas for musical rewards. Do you have any good ideas for musical rewards and gifts that you can give?

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