The Best way to Practice Your Scales Part 2-Understanding the Major Scale

This article us a continuation of The Best Way to Practice Your Scales Part 1. You may want to begin with that one, as this is a continuation of it and some parts may be confusing otherwise.

5. Improvement of passage playing-Whether playing Chopin’s nocturnes, a Mozart piano sonata, or improvising a long improvised musical line a la Bill Evans, we want to be able to execute the music with ease, prowess and musicality.

6. Improvising Skills-Let’s now watch another video. As you watch think about how they improvise new ideas and melodies in real time, with fluidity, ease, and spontaneity. Many people look to scale practice to build improvisation skills.

Once you’ve spent some time thinking about this, let’s examine how we can use scale practice to improve on your desired skill or area.

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