Glossary for Parents

I truly believe in the importance of the parents  to the succes of the young student.  Part of the process, is to make sure that the parents are educated enough to be of help and offer feedback. If there are any terms that are not on here that you could use some help with, please leave your suggestion/question in the comment section below.

Key-This refers to what scale your tune comes from. You can think of it like this: If you were having a sing-along and you found that the song was a little too high for your voice, you could sing it a little lower. This new version of the song sounds exactly the same but begins on a lower note. For instance, maybe your original key was C major and your first note was also C. If your new key is A major the first note would now be A.  Read More

Measure-In music a measure is effectively the space on a sheet of music between the two vertical lines. You cannot hear the lines and, the measure houses the number of beats in as defined by the time signature. In a waltz there would be 3 beats within a measure; 2 for a march.

Metronome-This is a very important tool for anyone practicing any instrument.  It should be used from a very early stage of learning right up to and including practicing on a professional level.


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