Practice Tips For Parents

Help Your Child Practice Piano

Help Your Child Practice Piano

Out of all the variables in a child’s life, commitment of the parents makes the biggest impact on their child’s success. This may seem obvious, but what I mean is that the support they offer and their commitment is more impactful on the student’s successes than talent, interest, and even the work ethic of the child. Though children can have very strong and seemingly formed personalities, we need to remember that they are sponges and they soak-up everything around them.

Every teacher can attest, and I have seen on more than one occasion where the kid who is “talented, and musical and a real natural” (so say the relatives) is left in the dust by other “less gifted” kids usually ending in the “more gifted” kids quitting and thus never surpassing their elementary skill level. It also happens that the child who showed no more than average promise at the beginning makes his/her way to the top of the class. As I’ve already said, the most common link in all student successes is the commitment level of the parents.

Now, I would never claim that it’s easy to know how to best support your children’s endeavors, while balancing your helpfulness, with their need for independence. And this amongst all of the rebellion that enevitably occurs at every stage of the game.  And certainly, the same method cannot necessarily be transferred from one child to another. But I must stress that the parents that want to help the most, do. The parents who recognize that they are learning at the same time as their child, help their child learn the most. The parents that actively book themselves time to practice and block at all other distractions, get great results!

In the following series, I’ve compiled some tips that you could consider and adapt to suit your situation

Practice with your child

From the very beginning, until into the teens (and beyond them in a reduced quantity), you should be there to help your child practice. Focusing on students aged 4-10 there are many ways to help including: helping them follow the music, stay on beat, observe articulations and dynamics, workout difficult passages, analyze, stay focused, make sure no materials are left behind and more.

In part 2, I’ll be discussing some of these methods of helping, in greater detail.


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