Music Educators Associations

If you are running a private music teaching practice, it's important for you to stay connected to your peers, stay up to date on events that might help your students and take advantage of professional development opportunities. Additionally, parents and other clients with discerning tastes will generally take this sort of membership as a sign that you take your profession seriously. Most regions have music educators associations or something similar, that do just that! Quebec: QMEA Aims of … [Read more...]

The QMEA Music Festival = A great opportunity for everyone!

QMEA Montreal Music Festival

Looking for an opportunity to take music out of the classroom? The QMEA Music Festival is the answer! Performing for an audience and with your peers is a great way to pump up your motivation or that of your kids. You don’t need to be a professional or have professional aspirations to take part in performance opportunities. On the contrary, this might be just what you need to get you fired up for another season of self-improvement and sharing your love of music with others. Welcoming … [Read more...]

An Easy Way To Start To Teach Improvisation

Teaching improvisation is not something new or exclusive to modern generations and we actually see evidence of improvisation (in western music) as far back as the renaissance and perhaps even farther back.  Though we're dealing with a tradition many centuries old at least, it seems as though the transmission of the tradition was halted in the years leading up to the crystallization of jazz teaching methods. For this reason, we tend to think of improvising as a jazz induced phenomenon, when … [Read more...]

Encouraging Children To Practice Piano

Piano Lessons Surrey With Natalia Paradalis

“I think we’re going to stop lessons because Susie won’t practice and I can’t fight with her anymore” As a music teacher, I hate hearing these or similar words, because I feel that it reflects on me - since in truth, it means that I have failed as a music instructor! I have failed to pass the love of music to the child who then WOULD desire to practice and to learn how to create music. Going through my mother’s notes, from her studies with piano educator, Francis Clark# and writer … [Read more...]

Getting Over Stage Fright

For many there is no place more comfortable than the bright lights of the stage and nothing more rewarding than treading the boards in front of an audience. However, for others, the idea of stepping up in front of a crowd strikes up a deep sense of fear in the form of stage fright. Unfortunately for those who do suffer from stage fright, it is not always possible to avoid getting up in front of people. Especially for musicians, whose livelihood relies on public performances, there will come a … [Read more...]

Practice Your Music Theory Online And Find Your Ranking

I love finding new ways to improve your musical skills or help others learn. Especially when new technology is involved! Test your music theory skills and see how you measure up against your peers! You can also add your own questions which will be ranked and refined through the unique crowd sourcing engine! take the test … [Read more...]

New guitar sheet – Easy Guitar Chords

Hey, I just wanted to make sure you all saw the latest sheet I posted.  There are 3 short exercises that can help introduce the beginner guitarist to playing guitar chords. Free exercise to help beginners play guitar chords.     These "mini" chords are excellent for helping children and their little hands adapt to the challenge of playing chords on the guitar. As teachers, we would love it if our students would say, "I'm in this for the long-term and I plan on putting off chords until … [Read more...]

Scientists Discover Why We Like Adele

Don't you love when science proves something that we already know. Well it doesn't always win over the cynics but at least WE know we're not crazy. Robert Zatorre and his team of neuroscientists at McGill University found that music which brings out intense emotions also causes dopamine release in the brain. You know that feeling that we get when we listen to certain songs? Well apparently the number of goose bumps you get is directly related to the amount of dopamine released.  Not only … [Read more...]

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